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The Federal Story

Long before a woman moved into the business world, Maria Nacchio had the foresight and wisdom to purchase a property and begin a soft pretzel company in Philadelphia.

Maria and Guiseppe Nacchio were old timers in the baking field. Together they operated a neighborhood bakery where they made and sold Italian bread.

Their children were brought up in an atmosphere filled with the fragrance of baking bread and the warmth of close family associations that characterized their native Italy.

When the father of the family died, Mrs. Nacchio had to venture out on her own. She wanted to produce a unique product that was not sold within the vicinity of her little store. Remembering the delicious soft pretzels from her travels in Europe, Mrs. Nacchio thought this might be what she was looking for. She gathered together the finest ingredients and began formulating the recipe which is still used today.

In 1922, with the assistance of her sons and daughters, she gave to Philadelphia a snack that has proven to be a never-ending Philadelphia "Love Story."

Pretzels have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for centuries. Today it is a huge industry that can boast of providing not only a good tasteful snack, but also one that is high in nutrition and low in calories

Tourists remember Philadelphia for its beautiful historic buildings, its warm friendliness and its tasty soft pretzels.