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4th Annual Battle of the Soft Pretzel
Federal Pretzel went into battle in October of 2008. Not the battle that thousands of our brave servicemen and women are currently fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, this was a battle fought in downtown Philly, under the shadow of the Liberty Bell. The Battle of the Soft Pretzels has become an annual event held at the Philadelphia Visitors Center. Our "army" had soldiers from Sales, Marketing, and Federal Administration Team. We skirmished with five other soft pretzel companies in the Philadelphia area for the titles of Best Traditional Pretzel, Fastest Pretzel Twister, Best Table, Best Topped Pretzel, and Most Interesting Shape. We fired out a barrage of different pretzels in addition to the Federal Pretzel to include the US flag, Independence Hall, a pizza, the Phillies "P", the Flyer's logo, everything topped pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels (with and without chocolate drizzle), and a chocolate covered breast cancer ribbon pretzel with pink candy "jimmies". Two of our fastest pretzel twisters, Juan Garcia and Luz Ortiz, came in their Rocky boxing costumes ready to out-twist the competition. We also won another 2nd place in the Best Table Category and two 1st place finishes in the Best Topped Pretzel and Most Interesting shape categories. 

Thanks for your reply, Cindy.  I’m so glad to hear that Federal is still in business.  I am from South Philly and as young girls my friend and I would get up very early on a Saturday morning and buy a box of Federal pretzels (I think they were 10 cents apiece) and walk up and down 9th St. selling to all the tourists.  Of course, we would keep a few for ourselves... Felicia